The Power of Visualisation

Anyone who knows me well, will know I love visualisation. I particularly loved teaching it in my yoga classes as I saw the dramatic effect it could have on people. As usual, though, I found it harder to do for myself. But I am now visualising love and kindness flowing into me when I meditate every day.

Bernie Siegel describes in “Love, Medicine and Miracles” how his cancer patients would have their own personal visualisation for white blood cells destroying their tumour: for some it was like a Space Invaders game, for others something more gentle – one child saw his cancer as cat food and the white blood cells as white pussycats. This is obviously quite a dramatic use of visualisation, but all of us can use it it create a life we love.

You may wish to start the day visualising all of the things you know you are going to do and imagining them going really well. Visualising in bright colour, with sunshine and positive outcomes really helps. So rather than waking up grumpy and then having a bad day, you can choose to have a great day. Or you can incorporate it into your daily life: if you suffer from anxiety then when you go for a walk, imagine the breeze blowing it away. When you are washing up, imagine it being washed away. You can try this  with anything and be creative!

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