Reflections for this week 24th Feb

Positive energy

I’m keeping in mind one of the Buddhist precepts outlined in “Discovering the Heart of Meditation” by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield this week. JK puts them into a lovely accessible form. The precept is Refraining from killing: reverence for life. What he says is:

“Undertake for one week to purposefully bring no harm in thought, word or deed to any living creature. Particularly become aware of any living beings in your world (people, animals, even plants) whom you ignore and cultivate a sense of care and reverence for them too. “

I particularly like the “no harm in thought, word or deed”. It’s easy to congratulate ourselves for not having actively harmed anyone but in this sense even thinking negatively about someone or ignoring them is harmful. And more than that, it is harmful to ourselves – if we want to be at peace we must first create a peaceful, positive mental environment in our own minds which will then send out positive energy to others. Ever wondered why you constantly attract bad energy from others? Think about what thoughts are in your own mind.

This can be a living meditation: no need to sit and meditate on it, just have it in mind as you live your daily life and see how it opens your heart.

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